Norms to be followed to enter the Church
“Special Norms only during pandemic period”

 Parish Church will be opened from 13 th of June from
morning 5.30 am to 7.00 pm.
 No public liturgical/Mass celebration.
 Wearing face mask to cover nose & mouth is compulsory
 Sanitize your hand/palms & don’t touch any items / statue
inside the church.
 Keep social distance while walking or sitting for prayer.
 Only 3 persons in a bench is permitted to sit.
 Remove your footwears outside the church.
 Careful with your belongings even your footwears, in case
of any lose, church authority will not be responsible for you
the loss.
 Children below 10 years and elders above 65 years are
advised to stay at home.
 Holy Communion will be distributed to the faithful only
during the private mass of the Parish Priest every day at
6.30 am to 7.00 am.
 Special permission given to all to fulfill our Sunday
Obligation we can attain or participate in any one of the
weekday masses and not necessary to come only on