"The life of the body is the soul; the life of the soul is God." – St.Anthony of Padua


St. Anthony's Church, Munnekolala, Marathahalli, which has been inaugurated on 2nd October 2016, is one of the biggest churches built by the Archdiocese of Bangalore in recent times, both in terms of space and capacity. This church was the subsidiary of St. Anne's Church, H.A.L. Colony. Due to the expanding catholic population in and around the Munnekolala and surrounding areas mainly due to the employment opportunities created by the IT and BT sectors, and the influx of migrant catholic populations, the new church was built in the area.

The property of this church was bought by Fr. K.C. Abraham in 1958-59. Originally, the land was of 4 acres. In 1960-61, the Southern railways came up with the rail track and so we lost some land. Until 1989, this place was just a vacant land when one of the layman, Late Mr. A.A. Nathan got a vision of St. Anthony and was inspired to build a church in his name. The then Parish Priest, Late Fr. Saleema agreed to build a small chapel dedicated to St. Anthony in 1994. Once again in the late 90s, the widening of southern railway lane took up more of this land. Fr Zacharia Mattam, who was in charge of the church took a lot of interest to restore the remaining land and built a wall to protect the rest of the land to his best.

The succeeding parish priest maintained the status quo and meanwhile lots of devotees and people started flocking to St. Anthony's chapel. As the crowd increased steadily, the demand for service in the church also increased from mere Tuesday and Saturday to Sunday services also. With the initiative of a few members, the mass on Sunday became a regular event. Unable to manage the increasing crowd and the need to cater to the growing Catholic population in the area, the proposal to build a new church was in the air. It was then, that the present Archbishop of Bangalore, Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras took keen interest to build a new church and school to cater to the spiritual and social growth of the people.
Rev. Fr. Anthony Mahendran. G the then Secretary to Archbishop was appointed as the first Parish Priest of this new St. Anthony Church, Munnekolala, Marathahalli, Bangalore.